Bespoke search and analysis

About Clarion Search

The rapidly changing global environment within which we now live during an era of information overload and big data means that finding the right talent for your business is more important than ever.

Clarion have extensive networks of trusted contacts and the commodities industry knowledge that we can apply to whatever problem or need you may have.

Whether it is a new venture or a global corporation, we are ready to listen and then use our talents to help you find yours.

30 Years of experience

Executive Search

We specialise in executive recruitment within the following industries: shipping, power, gas, LNG, oil, petrochemicals, carbon, hydrogen, and biofuels. We specialise in front office functions, leadership roles, shipping/maritime activities, and upstream engineering as well as the supporting departments in middle and back office at a senior level.

Bespoke Research

We conduct bespoke research projects such as talent maps, staff retention influences & salary benchmarking, diversity studies and competitor analysis.

Our Specialties