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About Us

25 years of experience from within the commodities industry. Bespoke search and analysis.

The world of commodities is exciting, dynamic, and ever-changing. The challenge of trade finance, shifting oil prices, volatile geopolitics, the evolving regulatory environment, and the transparent information world we now live in means that finding the right talent for your business is paramount. This applies not just to the trading teams themselves but also to the critical functions that make a trading floor work: the operators, the trade finance officers, the analysts, the business developers, the lawyers, the risk managers, and the charterers.

Clarion has lived through several cycles in the commodities industry; its UK based Managing Director having been an oil trader from the 90’s through to 2007. Added to this is her subsequent 10-year career in executive search spanning commodities: from CEO to promising graduate talent. In addition, the Managing Partner of our Swiss Company, Clarion GmbH, has held energy trading and managerial positions for 25 years, only leaving the industry in 2016 to join Clarion. Our Managing Partner for Clarion Search Pte Ltd in Singapore has over 25 years of experience in the oil and LNG industry, holding senior positions in SOE’s and private trading companies in both China and Singapore. The Director of our renewables practice based out of Scandinavia is also an industry veteran with over 30 years’ experience in oil operations and more recently the renewables industry.

Recent Projects

Thanks to this history, we have a huge network of trusted contacts and industry knowledge that we can apply to whatever problem or need you may have. Whether it is a new venture or a global corporation, we are ready to listen and then use our talents to help you find yours. 

On the executive search side, our main areas of focus are the oil, gas, petrochemical, LNG, power and renewables markets and within them, the downstream sectors including but not limited to:

• Trading, marketing, business development & origination, operations, chartering, analysis, trade finance, legal & compliance, ETRM/data science, C-suite management roles and middle office.

In addition, we conduct bespoke research projects such as:

• Talent maps, staff retention influences & salary benchmarking, diversity studies and competitor analysis.